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Asian Society of Gynecologic Oncology

Leading Asia in Gynecological Cancer Research

ASGO was founded in 2008 as the principal organization in Asia contributing to the study, prevention and treatment of gynecological cancer. ASGO has members in over 10 countries in Asia. Our members are board certified women's cancer specialists who has received intensive medical training in the study and treatment of malignancies arising in the female reproductive tract - ovary, endometrium, cervix, vulva and vagina. Our members provide unified, comprehensive medical and surgical care to women with reproductive tract cancers from diagnosis to completion of treatment.



Photo Name Country
Hee-Sug Ryu Korea

Secretary General

Photo Name Country
Suk-Joon Chang Korea

Treasurer/ JGO Editor-in-Chief

Photo Name Country
Jae-Weon Kim Korea


Photo Name Country
Daisuke Aoki Japan

Immediate Past President

Photo Name Country
Ikuo Konishi Japan

Nominating Committee

Photo Name Country
Shingo Fujii Japan
Soon-Beom Kang Korea
Toshiharu Kamura Japan
Joo-Hyun Nam Korea

ASGO Council Members

Photo Name Country
Andri Andrijono Indonesia
Duk-Soo Bae Korea
Chunling Chen China
Neerja Bhatla India
Efrén Domingo Philippines
Seung Cheol Kim Korea
Suresh Kumarasamy Malaysia
Yuen Sheung Hextan Ngan Hong Kong
David SP Tan (N) Singapore
Nobuo Yaegashi Japan
Kung-Liahng Wang Taiwan
Sarikapan Wilailak Thailand
Rongyu Zang China

ASGO 2019 Organizing Committee Secretary General

Photo Name Country
Dong Hoon Suh Korea

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