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Scientific Program

*Program is subject to change.

Daily Program
Time Program Speaker
[Symposium 3] Revised FIGO Stage of Cervix Cancer & Related Issues (90 min) Chair: Neerja Bhatla (India)
Co-chair: Jatupol Srisomboon (Thailand)
08:30-08:45 Validating new (2018) FIGO staging of cervix cancer Kailash Narayan (Australia)
08:45-09:00 TBD Hyojin Kim (Korea)
09:00-09:15 Status of less-radical surgery in Japan Takahide Arimoto (Japan)
09:15-09:30 Predictive models for metastasis and recurrence after radical hysterectomy in patients with early-stage cervical cancer Kittipat Charoenkwan (Thailand)
09:30-09:45 Surgical staging in advanced stage Chel Hun Choi (Korea)
09:45-10:00 Q&A
[Symposium 4] Endometrial Cancer Update (90 min) Chair: Duk Soo Bae (Korea)
Co-chair: Qi Zhou (China)
08:30-08:50 How to avoid futile LND in early stage endometrial cancer Sokbom Kang (Korea)
08:50-09:10 LND issues in endometrial cancer Hidemichi Watari (Japan)
09:10-09:30 Endometrial pathology and effect of hormones Michiko Nagamine (Japan)
09:30-09:50 Preservation of ovary in the management of endometrial carcinoma Kun Song (China)
09:50-10:00 Q&A
[Education Session 3] ERAS (35 min) Chair: Dae-Sik Seo (Korea)
08:30-08:45 Pre and postoperative management in gynecologic cancer surgery with planned bowel resection Jung Myun Kwak (Korea)
08:45-09:00 Pain management and anesthetic issue Jin-Tae Kim (Korea)
09:00-09:05 Q&A
[Special Session 1] Molecular Dissection of Ovarian Clear Cell Carcinoma (50 min) Chair: Aikou Okamoto (Japan)
Co-chair: Jeong-Won Lee (Korea)
09:10-09:25 Ovarian clear cell carcinoma: molecular characterization of sensitivity to platinum-based chemotherapy Masataka Takenaka (Japan)
09:25-09:40 Molecular profiling of ovarian clear cell carcinomas: implications for therapy Ruby Huang (Singapore)
09:40-09:55 Genomics to immunotherapy of ovarian clear cell carcinoma Katsutoshi Oda (Japan)
09:55-10:00 Q&A
[Plenary Session 2] Surgical Issues in Gynecologic Oncology Field (110 min) Chair: Daisuke Aoki (Japan)
Co-chair: Young-Tae Kim (Korea)
2nd debulking in epithelial ovarian cancer 10:20-10:35 Selection criteria and principles for 2nd debulking surgery: Expert point of view Dennis Chi (USA)
10:35-10:50 DESKTOP III Andreas du Bois (Germany)
10:50-11:05 GOG 213 surgical part Robert Coleman (USA)
11:05-11:15 Panel discussion
Surgical approach in early stage cervical cancer after LACC 11:15-11:30 TBD Joo-Hyun Nam (Korea)
11:30-11:45 Asian viewpoint Mikio Mikami (Japan)
11:45-12:00 American and the other world viewpoint Mario Leitao (USA)
12:00-12:10 Panel Discussion
[Special Symposium 2] (20 min) Chair: Seob Jeon (Korea)
12:15-12:35 Role of avastin in ovarian cancer & evolution as backbone of novel combination Mansoor R Mirza (Denmark)
[Plenary Session 3] PAPRi, Immuno-oncology and Beyond (90 min) Chair: Seung-Cheol Kim (Korea)
Co-chair: Xing Xie (China)
13:10-13:30 PARPi in maintenance and monotherapy setting Richard Penson (USA)
13:30-13:50 Prevalence of BRCA mutation and real world experience of PAPRi Byoung-Gie Kim (Korea)
13:50-14:10 Biomarkers for immunotherapy usage in gynecologic cancer Wei Zhou (USA)
14:10-14:30 Novel and emerging agents under development for gynecologic cancers David Tan (Singapore)
14:30-14:40 Panel discussion
[Symposium 5] Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer in Asia (90 min) Chair: Takayuki Enomoto (Japan)
Co-chair: Wen-Fang Cheng (Taiwan)
15:00-15:20 Establishing BRCA consortium in Asia Sung-Won Kim (Korea)
15:20-15:40 Strategies of genetic test and counseling in Asia Masayuki Sekine (Japan)
15:40-16:00 Clinical impact of hereditary predisposition in gynecologic cancer Myong-Cheol Lim (Korea)
16:00-16:20 A need of Asian guidelines for the management of BRCA carrier Arb-aroon Lertkhachonsuk (Thailand)
16:20-16:30 Q&A
[Symposium 6] MIS in gynecologic cancer management (90 min) Chair: Nobuo Yaegashi (Japan)
Co-chair: Soo Young Hur (Korea)
15:00-15:15 Sentinel lymph node biopsy  in cervical and vulvar cancer Mario Leitao (USA)
15:15-15:30 Robotic approach to optimize upper abdominal procedures Jiheum Paek (Korea)
15:30-15:45 Sentinel lymph node staging experience in Thailand Nuttavut Kantathavorn (Thailland)
15:45-16:00 Two-step sentinel lymph node mapping strategy in endometrial cancer Sang-Wun Kim (Korea)
16:00-16:15 Current role of minimally invasive surgery for ovarian cancer Jeong-Yeol Park (Korea)
16:15-16:30 Q&A
Best Oral Session (25 min) Chair: TBD
Co-chair: TBD
15:00-15:25 TBD TBD
[Oral 1] (65 min) Chair: Sarikapan Wilailak (Thailand)
Co-chair: Ting-Chang Chang (Taiwan)
[Education Session 4] Surgical and Molecular Tumor Board (90 min) Chair: Sang-Young Ryu (Korea)
Co-chair: Jianliu Wang (China)
Case Presentation 1 16:50-16:55 Case presentation: cervix cancer U Chul Ju (Korea)
16:55-17:10 Comments on of the cervical cancer management Hung-Cheng Lai (Taiwan)
17:10-17:20 Discussion
Case Presentation 2 17:20-17:25 Case presentation: endometrial cancer Yiqin Wang (China)
17:25-17:40 Comments on various aspects of the case management Janice Kwon (Canada)
17:40-17:50 Discussion
Case Presentation 3 17:50-17:55 Case presentation: epithelial ovarian cancer Won-Kyo Shin (Korea)
17:55-18:10 Comments on various aspects of the case management Masaki Mandai (Japan)
18:10-18:20 Discussion
[Film1] (90 min) Chair: Kung-Liahng Wang (Taiwan)
Co-chair: Yun-Soon Lee (Korea)
[Special Session 2] ASGO-AOGIN Joint Session: How to Collaborate to Eliminate Cervical Cancer in Asia-Pacific Region (90 min) Chair: EH Tay (Singapore)
Co-chair: Young-Tak Kim (Korea)
16:50-17:10 TBD Neerja Bhatla (India)
17:10-17:30 TBD Dwiana Ocviyanti (Indonesia)
17:30-17:50 HPV test as a primary cervical cancer screening Warner Huh (USA)
17:50-18:10 Cost-effectiveness of primary HPV test and triage test in cervical cancer screening Wichai Termrungruanglert (Thailand)
18:10-18:20 Q&A

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