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Shingo Fujii Medical Academy

  • The organizing committee of ASGO 2019 organized a program, Shingo Fujii Medical Academy, with the goal of improving surgical techniques.
    A similar program, Fujii Shingo International Medical Academy has been run by Prof. Shingo Fujii for two years in Kyoto, Japan. Likewise, the program consists of sharing non-edited videos of surgeries to doctors of various institutions and opening discussions. Watching non-edited surgical video (usually at 2.0 times speed) underwent by the participant, we would like to hold free discussion session on the surgical techniques and/or anatomies.
  • Shingo Fujii Medical Academy will be run on October 10, Thursday (08:00-12:30/ 13:40-14:40), 2019.
    For a lively discussion, we would like to ask for your continuous interest and participation.


  • 1) Anatomy of the vesicouterine ligament
  • 2) Anatomy of the inferior hypogastric plexus
  • 3) Nerve-sparing radical hysterectomy

Shingo Fujii Medical Academy Application Step by Step Guide

  • In order to enhance the success of ‘Shingo Fujii Medical Academy’, we would like to ask you to submit non-edited surgical video (live surgical video).
  • Participants (regardless of nationality) are required to apply via Google Docs and upload non-edited surgical video separately.

Application for Overseas Participants

Application for Domestic Participants

※ If you cannot access Google, please download the following application form and fill it out and send it to the secretariat (

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